What is PDR?

PDR, or Paintless Dent Repair, is an efficient and affordable method of removing minor dents and dings without harming the vehicle’s paint. This process is accomplished by patiently massaging the small dent or door ding out from the back of the auto body panel using specialized tools.

What type of dents can be repaired?

Most dents ranging between the size of a dime to a soccer ball can be removed. These type of dents are usually caused by a shopping cart, someone else’s car door in a parking lot, a football, etc.. Paintless dent removal is not intended for collision damage or when paint is damaged.

Do you offer mobile service?

Yes mobile service is available for a $20 fee. For a free estimate stop by the shop or send in some photos here.

What are the advantages of using the PDR process?

Affordable Repairs using paintless dent repair are performed at just a fraction of the cost of using a traditional auto body repair shop. Typically, paintless dent repairs are less than your automobile insurance deductible.

Prompt Service For most small dents and dings, repairs take less than an hour. Even large dents can be repaired in a day, as opposed to several days at a traditional body shop.

Environmentally Conscious Chemical paints and fillers are not used in the paintless dent repair process. Our process only uses specialized hand tools to remove your car’s dents and dings.

Maintain Value With PDR there is no mismatched paint or filler. Paintless dent repair will preserve your vehicle’s original finish, which in turn maintains its value.